Our Technology enables Scientists to “actually see“ a molecules, atoms, and electron bonds with their own eyes.

Currently, all other Molecular and Atomic Microscopy Technologies today only offer Scientists “blind“ abilities to electronically collect scientific data and generate computer enhanced graphs / images as to “ what may be” a material sample’s molecular and atomic structure.

That said, Scientists know this method of microscopy, collecting electronic molecular and atomic data and generating of computer enhanced graphs / images, are subject to many inaccuracies in determining material samples actual molecular and atomic structure. This being the result of their methods of operation using electronic components which limit their abilities, as well as having the additional difficulties to adapt to and work with certain materials samples

Yancy Corporation quickly recognized the important critical need and growing desire for entirely new and advanced molecular and atomic scope technology among world scientific communities and industries. So we created it!

Why Invest In Yancy Corp?

Yancy Corporation develops, patents, and then licenses our knowledge and technology to OEMs for product development and manufacturing.
This provides Yancy Corporation with revenue and the opportunity to expand investor’s potential.

Introducing The Moleculescope

Yancy, Corp. has developed the Moleculescope, a novel, patented (#9170414) light microscope technology that achieves world-record resolving power.

The Moleculescope is a wide-field true-real-time reflected-visible-light microscope which, unlike existing light microscope technology, is not diffraction-limited. Existing techniques are difficult, costly, and/or destructive (which has limited adoption to researchers operating within strict protocols). Our System design may be widely adopted by the metrology industry.