Vibration Suppression Technology – VST

The vibration suppression technology covered in the provisional patent is a result of research involving the Moleculescope.

This technology can reduce vibration of optical and mechanical systems to a level that electron orbits around a nucleus can be viewed clearly and interacted with. The technology can be adjusted for different frequencies and amplitudes and designed into its structure. This technology has application in microscopes, micro-actuator mounts, telescopes, electric motors, and high precision machining systems.

Nano scale processing systems that produce integrated circuits, micro mechanical/fluidic systems, or DNA/RNA analysis need very stable vibration free structures to accurately view, measure, and interact with the molecules of a sample.

Vibration Test Stomp Video

This video is of the Ted Pella SEM #677 Magnification Calibration Diffraction Grating Replica.

The magnification is 60,000 x. The motion in the first part of the video is a demonstration of motion control of the sample. The stomp test is evident at 14 seconds and 17 seconds. The test was conducted with a 240 lb. weight dropped from a height of six inches and a distance of 12 inches from the Moleculescope.

This video demonstrates the capability of the technology. The reduction of the vibration amplitude and stabilization of the sample are very evident in this video.

Investment Opportunity

V.S.T. is in provisional patent status and leads a long list of projects that have already been researched and are ready for patent application and further development.

The application of the vibration suppression technology to the Moleculescope and it’s applications will bring a wealth of capabilities to the technological world and demonstrate the need for the vibration suppression technology in the vast realm of machine and high precision products. As this technology is fundamental to Nano technology manufacturing and the application of Moleculescope technology the value to industry is high and the return on investment is enormous.